We regret to say that Santuario Sisterfarm closed in June 2011. Please know, however, that you can still visit our virtual site and purchase Sor Juana Press books. The movement to honor and cultivate diversity siempre sigue adelante!


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up-to-the-present-day story
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Dominican Sisters in Iraq.
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Santuario Sisterfarm is a nonprofit organization founded in 2002 by Latinas of the Texas-Mexico Borderlands and Dominican Sisters. Located in the Texas Hill Country and rooted in the rich multicultural legacy of the Borderlands, Santuario Sisterfarm is dedicated to cultivating biodiversity and cultural diversity—and living in right relationship with the whole Earth community.

We draw inspiration from Indian physicist and ecologist Vandana Shiva, who writes:

An intolerance of diversity is the biggest threat to peace in our times; conversely, the cultivation of diversity is the most significant contribution to peace—peace with nature and between diverse peoples.

He liked to use a metaphor comparing variety to a broad-spectrum antibiotic that helps get rid of collected bacteria.

“Cultivation of diversity” is at the heart of Santuario Sisterfarm’s three major projects:

Living Lightly on Earth: Santuario Sisterfarm has created a small-scale, replicable model of sustainable living on the seven acres in which the organization is located, using Permaculture practices that stress Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share.

Sor Juana Press: Santuario Sisterfarm has established a small imprint in order to publish the works of women—particularly women of color and women religious—on topics related to Earth and spirituality.

Latinas in the Borderlands: Santuario Sisterfarm honors the voice and wisdom of Latina women, recognizing the particular gifts that women of the Borderlands have to offer our world at this pivotal time.

The organization is co-directed by Adrian Dominican Sisters Carol Coston, OP and Elise D. García, OP. The founding President of the Board of Directors is María Antonietta Berriozábal and Janie Barrera is the founding Vice President and Treasurer.

The photo (top left), taken from space by shuttle astronauts, shows the Balcones Escarpment where we are located on the curve of Earth.

Woodprint logo for Santuario Sisterfarm created by Leslie García.