Reduce your carbon footprint


Living Lightly on Earth

The principal way that we at Santuario Sisterfarm live out our mission of cultivating biodiversity is through an ethic of living lightly on Earth. We strive to find Earth-enhancing ways of living where we are planted—on our small seven-acre site in the Texas Hill Country.

Always a work in process, the site models a variety of replicable practices including composting to help build soil fertility and recycle wastes; organic growing with a focus on native, heirloom, and non-genetically modified plants; use of nontoxic and biodegradable household and office products; water conservation through rain catchment, graywater, and other water-saving systems; and energy conservation using geothermal and solar energy, biofoam insulation, and energy-saving devices.

You can see what we’re doing in three (now two) ways:

Here's a copy of the handout we give all vistors, highlighting many of the practices we put in place.
Download handout (pdf).